Office of Consumer Protection

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Consumer Board and Competition Council

As per the section 83 of the CPA, 2012 a Consumer Board is established as the highest decision making body in the country dealing with consumer affairs and policy issues. And as per the provision 7.3 of the NCP, 2020 it states that the Consumer Board already established under the CPA, shall also function as the Competition Council.

Currently, the following are the members of the CBCC:

  1. Hon’ble Secretary, MoEA (Chairperson)
  2. Mrs. Pema Lhamo, Executive Director, Bhutan Transparency Initiative (Member)
  3. Mrs. Chimi P. Wangdi,  Secretary General, Tarayana Foundation (Member)
  4. Mr. Cheda, Head, UC Associatiates, Bhutan Law Office (Member)
  5. Mrs. Yangchen Tshogyal, Deputy Governor, RMA (Member)
  6. Ms. Rinzin Pemo, Deputy Chief, DMEA, MoF (Member)
  7. Mr. Karma Jamtsho, Chief, PPD, GNHC (Member)
  8. Mr. Ugyen Penjore, Director General, OCP (Member Secretary)

Mandates of CBCC

As per section 83 of CPA and provision 7.3 of NCP, the CBCC has the following mandates:

  1. Formulate policy guidelines concerning the interests of consumers in the country and monitor its implementation; 
  2. Establish committees to deal with specific issues in relation to consumer policy and guidelines; 
  3. Consider all matters of concern to consumers and make recommendations to relevant agencies; 
  4. Direct the Office of Consumer Protection on matters affecting the interests of consumers, and protect and promote the interests of the consumers of goods and services made available to them through trade and commerce;
  5. Review the implementation of policies and programmes by the Office of Consumer Protection; 
  6. Advise the Office of Consumer Protection on the enforcement of this Act; 
  7. Advise the Office of Consumer Protection on the promotion of consumer protection and awareness of consumer issues;
  8. Recommend to the Government for approval the remuneration of Board members, dispute settlement committee members, any other committees and functionaries of the institutions under this Act; and 
  9. Any other matter which may be referred to it by the Office of Consumer Protection.